Posted on Aug 1, 2022

Apex Pest Control Leeds

Before you try to get rid of or control your pest population, you need to know what kind of pests you have. Mice may be the cause of noises coming from inside the walls, but insects and even the building itself can make similar noises that need different solutions.

Infestations of mice are annoying and dangerous for people. Mice eat food that people have put out and destroy cartons, paper, boxes, and plastic to make their nests. Some mice's urine, saliva, and poop can have viruses and bacteria in them, like salmonella and hantavirus.

Can you fumigate for mice as a way to get rid of mice? No, absolutely not. There is no legal way to kill mice with fumigants. After mice have moved into your home, you start to wonder if you can use fumigants to kill mice. No. Do-it-yourself solutions for controlling the mouse can be expensive and often don't work.

If you want the best results in getting rid of mice in your home, the next step is to hire a licensed exterminator. Apex Pest Control Leeds will look at your home to find the best way to get rid of mice inside and outside that fits your needs and preferences. For quick mouse control in Leeds, please contact us today.
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